Devlog #3 – “Will you make it?”

Wow, so… almost 2 years later I’m here writing another devlog 😛

Has been a couple of busy years, in a non gamedev way but anyways, I wanted to share a project that I’ve been thinking about, designing it, making diagrams, building a prototype of it, a story, characters, an art style and so forth but I’m ditching it for the moment (lolz).

The game is called “Will you make it?” and it’s story is centered around “Billy”, a poor unhappy dude that has a rich brother who’s getting married. Billy needs to get to the wedding that’s in a town 5hs away and in 5 days, so he needs to get the money to buy a bus ticket and get to the wedding, but… could he make it? ;).

Billy doesn’t have much money, and his life is a mess, so you have to manage Billy’s actions in order to save up the amount of money needed for the bus trip, and also to prevent Billy’s death.

The point of the entire game is to reflect how sometimes life makes you sacrifice things you want/need in order to achieve other things you want/need.

Gameplay-wise it was all going to be a series of button pressing with no time pressure. Each available action will be represented by a button and it will affect Billy’s STATS and also step the world time.
If BIlly’s STATS would go to 0 he dies in a way related to the zeroed stats.

Making something happen

With the idea in mind I started making some fast UML diagrams to get me started. I wanted to divide the code into backend and frontend, and using a Façade to access backend data from the frontend. This way I can create different frontends if needed. Not that I would ever want to do that (lolz) but still.

Fast class diagram of the backend
A layout of the GUI


A few cutscenes
First prototype
Captura de pantalla de 2018-01-02 21-51-05.png
A little bit of polish

After I made the first prototype I started to fiddle with the stats, and how the actions affected the stats. This is the most important aspect of the game, as it’s basically all you do.

One thing that I liked is the method chaining I used to define actions easily.

Captura de pantalla de 2018-01-08 01-31-49.png

You can see that actions have a time range in which the action is available, the amount of time that the action will take to complete, also how you can define which stat it affects and by how much, the locations in which the action is available and a few more options not shown here.

I made more tweaking:

  • Implemented time ranges to deactivate actions not “active” in the current time.
  • Implemented the caffeinated status modifier, that doesn’t allow you to sleep until 6 hs had happen since you last drank coffee.
  • Implemented action location filters
  • Removed weather data as I couldn’t think of anything fun to do with those.
  • Changed stats to more reasonable ones (“mental health” and “physical health” didn’t make much sense)

And ended up with this:

Captura de pantalla de 2018-01-07 18-34-35.png
Last version

Almost a fully working prototype without the cutscenes, but it’s not fun at all. I’m having troubles determining when you should loose the game, and also I don’t see who would want to play this kind of depressive life simulator (I sure don’t).


So given that, I decided to ditch the game for the time being. Maybe someday I find something fun to make this into, if not, then this game simply didn’t made it.

Also, I wanted to upload an HTML version to itch, only visible via a link posted here only. But you know what? Date object behaves differently in the desktop vs GWT. So the HTML version instead of starting at 9:00 AM it starts at your current browser’s time. WTF?!?! Okay, probably not uploading it made all of you a favor lol.

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