Devlog #2 – Name, story and planning


After writing some boilerplate utility classes (virtual gamepad, pause screen, inventory screen, main menu screen) and the main physics of “Hero” I came up with the story. Not going to describe it all here, but mainly it’ll be about an AI programmer that works for a constructing company that uses robots. Somehow all those robots AI gets corrupted and evil, and it’s the task of our hero to save the day by fighting them.

The game mechanic will be similar to Sunsoft Batman for NES, i.e. melee combat, ranged weapons, wall grappling, different jump heights according to time that the jump button was pressed.


The levels will be split in 9 screens max. This way I can make efficient use of objects memory. Still have to define the size of the screens, but this also gives me an easy way to implement a map.

The game will be named “The Curtis project”, or at least for now…

This weekend I want to:

  1. Finish Hero’s animations (not the actual graphics but the sequence of animations in the right places).
  2. Implement levels class with it’s 9 screens and light objects.
  3. Implement map loader bounded to java objects.

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