Devlog #1 – Starting a new project

After finishing Mission Massive Migration I wanted to make something with dynamic lightning. That led me to Libgdx + Box2D + Box2DLights. Maybe there are simpler ways in achieving that, but for now I’m trying that route.

In order to learn those tools I figure I just make a small endless jumping game, so started working on that a for a couple of weeks.

Started goofing around with libgdx, made the classic “entity” class then added a Box2D body with 4 sensors surrounding it and made some more utility classes. The basics boilerplate code that you’ll always need for making a game.

When I finished building the tools to create the game I realized that I didn’t want to make that kind of game. It’s fun and all, but I don’t feel like it’s worth investing more time on it, it was just a way for me to get to learn the technologies I wanted so that I could make a cool game, and this wasn’t a cool game.

I really like old school platforming shooters, and I’m also really proud of the virtual keyboard that I build for Mission Massive Migration, but today I got a really cool idea for a virtual gamepad, following the lines of the one I had already implemented but with more features and maybe more mobile friendly.

On top of that I stumbled upon this youtube video:

That game looks really cool! although it appears to be somewhat shitty.

Basically I want to make another metroidvania. There’s only one rule: It has to be way better than my previous game.

Maybe I call the main character “Curtis” as that was going to be the name of the scrapped game about the traveling jumping robot.


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